Vegan shoes: the spring outfit has a light imprint

Comfortable, light and sustainable: vegan shoes respect everyone's health.

The good season has arrived and sunny days lead us to spend more and more time outdoors. Wearing the classic 'onion' outfit, a doubt assails us: which shoes do I wear?

Would serve the magic wand to create a perfect shoe for the mid-season, suitable for long walks in maximum comfort for our backs and our feet even when we exceed the fifteen minutes walk!

A shoe like that is not easy to find, or maybe yes: Have you ever thought about choosing a vegan shoe?

Made of high quality microfiber - the main substitute for leather - breathable and hypoallergenic, they have an inner lining made of recycled or lightweight microfibre fabrics and a rubber sole, durable but light as a feather.

For some weeks now the new collections have arrived here in the store, look how beautiful they are.

Because vegan shoes are good for everyone, even for non-vegans

Beyond the food choices, vegan shoes can satisfy everyone's needs for comfort and elegance with one more advantage: respecting all living beings.

Their production, in addition to saving lives, is more sustainable because it has a minimal ecological footprint.

The 'skin' with which they are made comes from processing with a derisory impact compared to that of tanning and breeding from traditional supply chains, often located in the poorest countries.

Uncontrolled queens of eco fashion week in Berlin and Los Angeles, footwear in ethical leather they are often artisanal productions and speak Italian.
In the beautiful country the vegan shoe factories are constantly increasing in the North, a reality like Camminaleggero o Caja 'Vegan they are constantly growing and for the production of vegan shoes have created a network of collaborations that supports the production of local artisans, favoring the short supply chain.

There are more and more customers who want to be sure to spend their money on products they believe in and that reflect their values, eco fashion has entered the realm of high fashion.

The tools to choose are all there, it's up to us to take the next step!

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