How our bio vegan shop is born

The bio vegan shop Eco & Gea born in 2013 from an idea of ​​Stefania and Giansimone.

The adventure begins when the desire to promote a more ethical and low environmental impact development model is transformed into Ethical Living, a philosophy that leads us to choose innovative products, respectful of health, the environment, man and animals.

Eco & Gea It is a personal and family research project that we will tell you on the shelves, with always new proposals and a careful selection of products from small Italian and foreign artisan companies, attentive to workers' rights and the impact of production chains.


The love for nature and the environment comes from my studies in Biology, then deepened with a degree in Medical Anthropology and specialization in Phytotherapy.

I have a real passion for the world of plants and natural medicine that has guided all my choices and my subsequent projects, including the foundation of Eco & Gea.

Do not you know what an INCI is or do you want to find out what's in the products you use every day? Contact me to choose products from the most healthy, natural and ecological formulations.

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Born in the mythical years' 80 I am an archaeologist and research is my daily bread. I like studying innovative materials and techniques and I am a supporter of critical consumption choices.

After having spent most of my life studying the civilizations of the past, I began to be interested in the future, that of our planet, in particular to ask myself what I could do to help improve it.

From this desire to commit myself to propose concrete alternatives to traditional consumption choices, Eco & Gea was born.

To stay in touch with me, write to me